Twin Falls Chaletstarstarstarstar
Twin Falls Chalet
Yoho National Park, BC
Arguably the best cup of coffee ever!

After hiking for three hours up the very beautiful Yoho Valley, experiencing all weather forms including warm sunshine, light rain, heavy rain, sleet and hail, we arrived at Twin Falls where we stood in awe. The Falls are amazing.

We then walk a little ways and see the�Twin Falls Tea House National Historic Site of Canada. Fantastic old building from the turn of the last century. We poked out heads inside where we were greeted and invited to share a cup of coffee with the proprietor, Ms. Fran Drummond. For 40 minutes she regaled us with a whos who in Calgary, the draw of the Canadian Rockies and exactly whats wrong with British Columbia. As we were leaving to make the return trek down to Cathedral Mountain Lodge, we knew we'd been in the presence of someone special. Indeed, we'll remember our visit and that cup of coffee for a very long time.

Should the opportunity arise we heartily recommend a visit and stay at the�Twin Falls Tea House National Historic Site of Canada.
Auto Truck Depot starstarstarstar
Auto Truck Depot - Got a spray liner and tonneau cover for my new truck. Excellent service and products. Recommended.
Big Catch starstarstarstar
Big Catch - Fantastic sushi and friendly service. See Urbanspoon - Big Catch. Highly recommended.
Bow River Vietnamese Restaurant starstarstarstar
Bow River Vietnamese Restaurant - Always fresh and always flavourful. See Urbanspoon - Bow River Vietnamese Restaurant. Recommended.
Ichi Rock [ra:ku] starstarstarstar
Ichi Rock [ra:ku] - Japanese tapas and drinks served up by knowledgeable, friendly staff. The oysters were amazing! See Urbanspoon - Ichi Rock [ra:ku]. Highly Recommended.
Pluma Mountain Coffee Company nope
Pluma Mountain Coffee Company - Tried to buy coffee beans. The web site allowed me to send money via Paypal but then I received an email saying they couldn't send coffee to Canada and they would refund my money. Sadly, after many weeks I had to have Paypal get involved to recover my money. Not recommended.
Selkirk Grill starstarstarstar
Selkirk Grill - Four of us had a delighful time, enjoying the service and food. See Urbanspoon - Selkirk Grill. Recommended.
Woodridge Ford Lincoln starstarstarstar
Woodridge Ford Lincoln - Bought a used truck and enjoyed the process from beginning to end. A very helpful sales person made it a pleasant experience. Recommended.
Ziggy Marley starstarstar
Ziggy Marley - Thursday, June 20, 2013, Calgary, Alberta. What a show! Played his own music and channeled some Bob. An energetic and humble performer backed up by a top notch eight piece reggae band. Kudos to the staff of the Epcor Centre for "letting it be" as the room filled with ganja smoke. Irie! Would definitely see again.

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